# Automatic Compound

Auto-Compound automatically compounds your positions at the optimal frequency.

This is calculated using a simulation that takes in the position size, the APR and the current gas cost. Different frequency numbers are tested (daily, twice a day, etc.) until the best one is found. If the current rewards are higher than required by the frequency calculation, auto-compound is triggered. This simulation is done for every position each time the bot runs.

There is a 1.8% auto-compound fee on rewards, part of which is used to pay for gas costs (no further user input needed).

The setting can be enabled in two places:

Firstly in the general settings (gear icon on the top right).


Secondly in the Compound tab of any active position.


It is enabled once per chain and applies to all positions on that chain.

The general setting of Automation needs to be enabled as well, so this requires two transactions:

  1. Enable Automation
  2. Enable Auto-Compound

These can then be disabled in the general settings.

Auto-Compound and Auto-Harvest are mutually exclusive, only one per chain can be enabled.